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Child's Button Shoes

A pair of sweet little high button shoes that have been turned into pincushions. About 6'' long & 4.5'' tall. Dark brown leather with original buttons and silk bows.
Antiques & Vintage Finds

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19th c. Tin ABC Collection

A collection of early tin ABC items. 8'' plate features Mary had a little lamb. Cup is missing its handle, but otherwise nice. 2.5'' x 1.5''. Whistle/rattle with embossed eagle and the words "for a good child". 5.5'' x 1.75.

note: small smoothed out indent on the base rim (center bottom)
Sponge Spatter Bowl

A nice embossed yellow ware bowl in the "woodland glaze" from Morton Pottery.  The bowl is in very good condition ... there is a small shallow imperfection on the bottom which appears to be a smoothed out chip. It measures 9.25" x 4.5''.
back cover
front cover
inside back cover
inside front cover
19th c. Covered School Book

Early brown calico fabric covers this c. 1872 first reader. The fabric, construction and wear lead me to believe that this is authentic. It measures 6.75'' x 4.75''.
Bread Board & Knife

A well loved wooden breadboard and knife with the word BREAD carved into both.
The board is slightly out of round - measuring 11'' x 10.5''.
Nice patina.
Early Pewter Tankard

This early bulbous pewter mug or tankard was made in a 2 section mold and shows both seams. Weighted bottom and quite heavy. Wear typical of age ... see photos. 5'' tall x 6'' wide. Probably holds a pint.
Alabaster Stone Fruit

An assembled set of carved stone alabaster fruit ... most likely from Italy. Good condition with typical vintage wear. 
Oversized Lemon - 4''
Yellow Pear - 3.25'' x 3''
Green Fig - 2.75''
Orange - 2.5''
Toleware Bread Tray

A nice tin tole painted bread tray or bowl. The tray decoration  appears to have been repainted and is not original, but was done some time ago. Very pretty. Measures 13'' x 7.5''.
Watercolor Theorem

A beautiful signed vintage watercolor theorem on rice paper. Date is unknown, but more than likely mid 1900's. There is a slight water mark on the left bottom section of the paper.
Please refer to the photos.
Original wooden frame. Colors are vibrant.
Measures 8.5'' x 11.5''.

c. 1911 Theorem Painting

A beautiful Basket of Fruit Theorem on velvet. I believe the frame to be original  to the painting. Signed in two places ... c. 1911 ... Thelma Riza? Colors are vibrant and the condition is very good. Measures 17.5'' x 14'' overall.
Folk Art Wooden Spoon

A large and beautiful carved wooden ladle ... made from a single piece of wood. There has been a repair to the ladle portion, but it is not very noticeable when displayed. 15'' long with a 4.5'' x 1.75'' ladle.
Early Pewter Plate

A nice continental pewter plate (probably English), measuring about 8.75''. It has a very faded monogram ... L.G.H. and makers touchmark on the back. Rolled rim & nice patina.
Stoneware Jug

Cobalt decorated salt glaze jug. Very good condition ... no cracks or chips. 19th c. - unmarked. Measures 11'' tall and 7'' wide.
Early Tole Bread Tray

Original paint decoration is worn and a bit scratched, but still some good color remains. Rolled edge with seamed sides. 
Measures 11.25'' x 7''.
Slide Top Candle Box

An early primitive wooden candle box with sliding lid. Very nice patina ... thick wood sides with a raised panel lid. Lovely! Measures 11'' x 6.5'' x 4.5''.
Trammel Loom Light
A rare wrought iron adjustable trammel hanging candle holder or loom light, probably late 18th | early 19th c. ​The top is decorated with a heart shaped hanger, and it adjusts from 14'' to 25''. It has nice surface patina with minimal rust.
Small Ovoid Jug

Really great small size ... probably a quart. Good condition with a couple of handle nibbles and a small glaze pop on the side. Measures 7'' tall and 5'' wide (3'' base). Classic ovoid shape.
Primitive Tin Shaker

A primitive muffineer | sugar shaker with punched star design on the lid. 
Nice patina and early soldering. 
5.25'' t. x 4'' wide (base). 
Top (displayed side)
Bottom - not faded from use
Stitched area where the braids connect.
Top - 1/4'' sections
Stitching on the top
Top and bottom contrast in colors
Early Braided Mat

Silk braided candle mat made from stockings and dresses in the early 1900's. It is in very good condition with some fading, but little wear. The fine braiding measures just 1/4'' per section. About 12'' round.

French Coffee Grinder

Beautiful form on this French/Belgian coffee mill with brass hopper and label. Excellent condition and it grinds very well. Probably early to mid 1900's. 7'' x7'' x 10''. 
Early Pewter Charger

Large pewter plate/charger with lovely patina. Probably English, but the markings are very faint. Owners initials are on the back. There is a small ding to the edge. Still displays well. Measures 13.5''.